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Week 4 run1

Ok last night I dinally took the plunge and got my running shoes back on 😀. After being ill for a week and then procrastinating and losing motivation the next week. I just thought I need to get my backside back out there. Well the first half was very hard and I think I was just jogging too fast. The second half went a whole lot better. I got to the last 5minute run, feeling pretty good at this stage although I was jogging very slowly but couldn't of been that slow because I passed 2people walking. Anyway finished my 5minutes saw that 1 of the crossings to go home was coming up so I thought I'd carry on till I reach it. Nope carried for the full 5minutes of the cool down too 😀 Very proud of myself for doing it!!!! I got home and my husband took a look at me and said did you have a good time because you are very red!

Really looking forward to my next run on Wednesday!

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Red is good. It's one of the signs of addiction you're showing here. :-)


Well done you. I'm usually beetroot colour when I run so you are not alone. :-)


In my eyes I was beetroot colour but I think my hub and was just trying to be polite. Lol bless him.


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