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Today was the day

So after a few months of non running I finally went again today. I started at week 6, r2 as I have been cycling 15 miles to work a couple of times a week and was playing football regularly up til a couple weeks ago. It felt absolutely fine! My pace doesn't appear to have suffered either with my running km pace at 6:10. My confidence has been restored and I'm right back on it, thoroughly looking forward to the mental benefits which I so enjoyed the last time!

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I suppose the moral of the story is even if you don't manage running, keep active. Take the fitness you get primed with in c25k, and do things with it that you would otherwise not been able to it. Use it as a key to unlock doors. Looks like your football and cycling have maintained your cardio nicely. In a very short time Laura will be confirming once again that, yes, you are still a runner. Enjoy.

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Well done getting back to it. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


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