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Audio Podcasts for C25K and more...

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Hi all...

For all those working there way through C25K, for info I have uploaded various podcasts to my OneDrive account to share if anyone is having problems locating them :-)

I first posted this info many months ago...but thought it may be useful for new starters. Just click on the links or copy them to your browser and you should be able to download the audio files for transfer to your phone or MP3 device..



Samantha B210K

Bluefin B210K

NHS Strength and Flexibility

42 Replies
poppypug profile image

Aw Andy , that is very thoughtful of you , thank you :-) xxx

Toonlou24 profile image

Aaaagh. What a canny lad!!! :) very helpful!!! Thank you!!!

IannodaTruffe profile image

Andy, you are a star.

Curlygurly2 profile image

Brilliant! xx

Joanne76 profile image


I'm trying to download the B210k files using the links you provided (takes to dropbox) but they keep failing... can you help?

Thanks in advance.

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to Joanne76

Hi, an ooops on my front... I think I may have moved them... I'll sort it out later this evening for you.

Joanne76 profile image

Thanks :o)

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to Joanne76

Should be back in place now... sorry about that :-)

Joanne76 profile image

Thanks, will check it out in a bit :)

Joanne76 profile image

Got them, I think. Will try it out on Wednesday when I do my second run since completing C25K :)

Labshack profile image

Looking forward to trying these out tomorrow ... new trainers too have been doing C25K week 9 for 3 weeks now ....bit sick of Julie :)

XFNutty profile image

Thank you for sharing :)

RunaroundSue profile image

Thank you very much.

I have downloaded Samantha and am ready to go....

Just one question, is there a week 6 podcast? Posts I have seen elsewhere seem to suggest that there should be. No rush for me though, I don't expect I will need it very soon. I think I will take longer than 6 weeks over this.

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to RunaroundSue

Not sure.. I'll check it out for you. 😊

RunaroundSue profile image
RunaroundSue in reply to AndyD

Thanks AndyD

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to RunaroundSue

Hi, tried to search the internet to see if there was a week 6 podcast, but sorry no luck confirming either way. Looks like this program was created many years ago.

RunaroundSue profile image
RunaroundSue in reply to AndyD

Thanks for checking Andy

Anto_Now_Runs profile image

Ooh thank you... just popped up in my feed and has got me thinking about my next steps..... am in bed with a cold this evening but my goal is bridge to 10 k between now and Christmas. have just downloaded w1r1. Thank you.... !

Meintheuniverse profile image

Thanks, really useful. 👌👍😀

Bluebirdrunner profile image

Thanks AndyD .😊

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Tbae in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you so much for sending this to me.🌟

In a couple of weeks on finishing wk 9 and I am considering for the sheer pleasure of taking a further 9 weeks to repeat everything with Laura and her original podcasts.🏃‍♂️Of course not as a Newbie, but I will still be cheering from the sidelines.👏👏

After GA and new shoes and a right knee that will come to the party, 🤔 Laura may cut me a little bit of slack and allow me to push on a bit during the runs and pick-up my pace🤔👏👏

At the moment I am very comfortable with applying Michael’s running form, but he has been easy on me😴😴

This is certainly a very patient option for me ,as well as I’m sure an unbelievable experience in the company of Laura,having only listened to the first 5 min warm-up walk and one minute run.🌟

Of course I listened to the misunderstood wk 2.1, run on your heel 🤔, get a life and a brain.🙈😂😂.

Thanks to Andy and especially you.🌟

I have enjoyed doing the programme in isolation and just from the Stone Age, so imagine the treat with Laura, not to mention maybe being able to progress to a current experience with all mod cons.👏👏

I better go and lay down.🙈🙈😂😂

Lordi profile image

Thanks! Bump.

Very kind

Thank you

ruralfrance profile image

Thank you for this Andy. I just downloaded speed, stamina and stepping stones and am looking forward to starting them.

lusmo profile image

Samantha B210K podcasts are missing, folder is empty :-(

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to lusmo

I'll take a look a bit later 😁

lusmo profile image
lusmoGraduate in reply to AndyD

Thank you! :-)

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to lusmo

Should be all back to normal now :-)

I think when some people access these files they inadvertently delete them.. but I have a backup :-)

lusmo profile image
lusmoGraduate in reply to AndyD

Thank You very much! :-)

AndyD, long ago I worked up to my first 10K with the Sami Murphy B210K. I am now desperately searching for them again to rekindle my love for running. Your folder no longer has the whole set, but just one run from week 5. Any chance you could take a look?


AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to Dora_the_explorer

All should be back to normal now... but let me know if you cant access anything :-)

Folksriker profile image

Hi sorry to bother but the regular download is down and Stamina (the one I use) is missing from the folder

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to Folksriker

Hi, I'll take a look at the links as soon as I can. I put the links up originally many years ago, glad to hear they're still of interest.

Leave it with me 👍


roseabi profile image
roseabi in reply to AndyD

Hi Andy!

Thank you so much for your help.

We are having a bit of a problem because the links to download the podcasts have stopped working on the NHS website.

I put up a quick post to explain the situation, and included a link to your post and dropbox - but I wasn't sure if you were still active on the site - hope you don't mind?!?


AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to roseabi

Hi, I have just moved all the folders/files over to Google and they are uploading now (may take an hour or so). Think I had an issue with the old Dropbox links.

Let me know if there are any further problems.

All the best


roseabi profile image
roseabi in reply to AndyD

Thanks Andy!!

nowster profile image
nowsterGraduate in reply to AndyD

You can download it here:

Nannie_Anne profile image

Thank you so much for sharing this Andy. I've been searching all week for it. Health unlocked is such a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

Spydeco68 profile image

Hi Andy - can you please provide a link to the original NHS couch to 5K that seems to be now unavailable, thank you!

AndyD profile image
AndyDGraduate in reply to Spydeco68

Hi.. I'm away on a short break for a few days so will check all is available when I get back. I thought all was OK now.

Spydeco68 profile image

Thanks so much. Someone else sent me this link but it does not seem to include the *original* Laura Couchto5K - the one with Julie music etc. Much appreciated!

Over60sRunner profile image

AndyD you're a legend! Thanks so much - I've been trying to access the S&F podcasts for weeks to no avail on the NHS site!!

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