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W8R3 - and more

For my third run this week, I decided to use Runkeeper again, for the updates, and also to incorporate Spotify as has been suggested. The latter didn't work terribly well, music being broken up throughout. My thought for some time has been on finding a suitable speech programme, which may distract me almost completely from the repetitive plodding. Haven't tried that yet. The start of the run brought forth the usual heavy breathing and the feeling that I couldn't go much further. Later, however, everything settled down to the 'why on earth am I doing this?' mode. The updates put my km rate at around 8.45 min, except when I though I had increased the rate of plod when the rate perversely increased to a second or two over 9 min. Having got to the last few minutes, the updates became interesting and I continued past the 28 min and on; at 45 min I had done 4.97k. I then forgot to press the stop button until I had slowed down and gone into a walk. So the great event is not in digital writing. I find that the missing 0.03 of the 5k is around 30 yards, of which I might have done some. Anyway, near as dammit, and in the target time. I'll see if it is all a fantasy on Monday, when I will try W9R1. 30 minutes sounds a lot at the moment.

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Don't worry, not you know how to pace yourself and breathe, you can do 30 minutes. I graduate tomorrow with a 5K parkrun. The programme builds your confidence and capacity to run and you can adjust the lace so you can get to the finish line 😀 - enjoy week 9, any plans for graduation or just a quiet run?


I often listen to podcasts of the Archers Omnibus or something like Danny Baker- it does take your mind off things.


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