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Healthy Running Doses?

As a novice third age runner coming to the end of C25K found this an encouraging and comforting read this morning. It makes all the huffing and puffing worth it: The link to the video says much the same as the blog article so if you should be out running you can save yourself the trouble of taking in both!

Seems then that less can be more sometimes - especially useful for those balancing busy lives with their running fix.

As for the rest of the Runner's World - worthwhile and beneficial read as our bodies change and we need a bit of help adapting and getting the best out of ourselves. I was searching specifically on lack of sleep after longer runs - a pattern that seems to be emerging with me just lately. Suffice to say I have clearly underestimated the power of sleep in the training toolbox - that is another story. My diet, although healthy by and large, possibly needs a bit of a tweak as well. A bit like Oliver Twist, wanting more.

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Thanks for sharing, a really interesting read.


I do wish people wouldn't keep publishing reports like these. If word gets out too far it's going to have a disastrous consequence to pensions. :(

Live 3 to 6 years longer?; that's 3 to 6 years extra pension payout which is going to have to be made. How are we going to manage this? Answer: "Oh, let's put up the pension age 3 years to compensate".

I want to retire now, and then live 3 to 6 years longer Please keep this information to yourselves and don't spread the message too far. It's ok for us to make use of this. If you let everyone know the secret though... ;)


Interesting read. Thanks for sharing


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