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Post Half Marathon.... Needed a goal

Well I dutifully rested for 2 days after my first HM but once I stopped walking like John Wayne I decided it was time to get back out there! Nice steady 5k last night and can't report any problems except it was my first run in the rain for a long time :-(

So, I needed another goal... only went and signed up for another HM in 6 weeks time... well at least I now have a PB to challenge!! Bring it on Weston-Super-Mare :-) Will definitely continue with my core training and do more longer runs in preparation.

Hope all those who completed the GNR are OK and recovered and best of luck to everyone with upcoming events. Those of you working their way through C25K... keep going, the plan works and it WILL change your life!!

Happy Running Peeps :-)

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Whoa Andy , that is brilliant ! You dont do things by halves do you ? Ha ha :-D

You mustve enjoyed your first one sooo much , that you just want to do it all over again .

Good Luck and at least you know you can do the distance and youre up to the task !

Who dares wins, fortune favours the brave , Fab stuff ! :-) xxx


I was going to say "Tell me what to do when you have discovered the answer for yourself !! " : - but I can now see that you have already found your answer.

However, a bit like the Greek financial crisis where "the can" has merely been kicked further down the road, I think that ALL of us will eventually HAVE to find an answer to the questions? - why am I running ? Why do I continue to run? and What kind of running am I to do in the future?? :)

I am still 5 weeks away from my HM - and I can't say that I am really enjoying the required training ( LONG runs) for it. I am sure that I will be able to finish - and I have a goal of finishing it at around the same pace that I finished a 14Klm "race" last year -- but I have no surety of that. Afterwards, I think that I will concentrate on 5-10K as my chosen "distances" -- after all, my initial goal when I first started C25k was only to be able to run 1 kilometre!! :) Among my cohorts, I don't know anybody who can run 1 Klm (that is outside parkrunners and my new runners club! )


Go steady Andy. Don't over run!

Definitely keep up with the strength training as you will need calves of steel to maintain HM distances

Good luck with the training and the race itself. Go carefully!


Wow!! You've got the bug haven't you!! After I got soaked to the skin in the lush North East on Saturday my legs killed me and I've had a stinking cold!! So haven't been out all week :( tomorrow will be slow and painful I think!! Well done you for signing up to another!! Not be as good as the toon mind although Weston has lovely coastline!!! X


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