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W3R2 done. Slow and steady did the trick!

Did week 3 run 2.

And following advise from Gary, I reduced my speed from 7.5 KM/H to 7 KM/H - advantage of treadmill.

And reducing the speed by just 0.5 KM/H made a lot of difference. I didn't feel as if my heart was ready to explode out of my chest. Didn't feel sick or needing the loo.

I am actually looking forward to W3R3 now.

Thanks again Gary!

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After you have finished W3 , why don't you just do a little "test"? Don't take it too seriously - just see how it feels to attempt it.

That is - try doing W3D1 outside :) It is a whole different world to treadmilling!! :) Actually treadmilling is quite good - it does allow you to run at steady heart rate levels or steady "speeds" -- but when outside, it is a lot more difficult to maintain such control. This is part of the skill of running :)

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