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Last evening cross country

Well that will be the last evening run across Wanstead Flats this year running over grass just after sunset may not have been the best idea,next run will be the longer pavement route

Neither of us wanted to go tonight so decided to just do 5K run

Legs felt tied after about 2k but I kept going with some encouraging words of my hubby( Kevin)

He has been a great support

Glad we did it nice soak in the bath now 👟🏃🛁☕️🍰

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Good on you getting out. Can be hard after work sometimes. Enjoy your soak in the bath :-)


Well done! Good effort!


Well done you and Kevin. You deserve that lovely hot bath.

And I hope you also enjoy the cuppa and cake in your icons!

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Oooh a hot bath post run, with a cuppa tea, is heaven.

Your run sounds perfect to me. I love running off road

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