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Feeling determined this time

I took part in a 10k last year, I completed in a not too bad 1hr9mins. My only problem was i couldnt run without walking every couple of km.

I havnt run properly for about 8 weeks and my fitness is shocking! I am determined this year to be able to run the whole 10k without stopping, so i am going back to basics, and following a 10k training plan.

Any hints tips, would be appreciated especially about how to control your breathing.

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Hmmm, I can run 10k without walking, in not much less time than that (my pb is about 1hr 3min). Maybe try running just a little bit more slowly? Might help with the breathing too.


Nothing wrong with walking bits of it!!! Nothing at all. Walking for parts of a race can help no end. It will help you get your breath back and can mean the difference between finishing and not.

Don't worry about it. As you get fitter the walk bits will be less. You have to get fit first. These things take time so just go steady

Have fun!


If you want to run without having to resort to walking, quite simply run slower. If you are puffing hard then you are unlikely to be able to maintain that pace, so slow until your breathing steadies. As you get more experienced you will know the pace that you can stick with much more easily, although I think pacing is probably the hardest thing to master. However you may well find that your overall time for 10k is no faster than your run/walking time, as that is accepted as being a very efficient way to cover distance in the shortest time.

You don't say whether you have actually completed C25k, which builds you up to 30 minutes non stop running in nine weeks if you start at the beginning, although you could probably drop into it part way through. Once you have that under your belt you can increase your long run each week and you will arrive at 10k very quickly, with all the basic grounding and advice that the NHS C25k podcasts/app have to offer.

Regular running, ie. without 8 week gaps, will see you maintain your fitness levels.


I am still trying to reach 5K, I just want to wish you well.




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