Cooler weather, growing confidence and 2 new PBs

Cooler weather, growing confidence and 2 new PBs

I decided to run 6K again today for the 2nd time. I got 2 PBs. At the 5K point my endomondo app said I'd done 38:10mins, which is 1:03min faster than my PB at parkrun two weeks ago. My overall 6K time was also a PB at 45:35, which is 2:16mins faster than my 6K time last week. I don't know if it's the cooler weather, the growing confidence, the new running club pushing me further, adding extra squats and stretches into my routine, passing the parkrun threshold, or just plain old improvement. But I'm enjoying it and finding it much more manageable breathing-wise and strength-wise.

My bf says maybe I shouldn't push beyond 6K, maybe stick here. I kind of said I would, and I do mean to, as ultimately this is about sustaining my new running habit and being more fit, not training for events and competitions. But we'll see... :D

[By the way I've added my stats again. Ignore the bit where it says my fastest pace was 2:40min/km, that's clearly some kind of GPS blip! But the rest is all pretty accurate. Am especially pleased with my 7:34 min/km average pace, and that I'm pacing myself so evenly throughout the run now (except for my habitual slow start and inevitable faster finish :) )]

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  • Well done on your 6k. All the things you mentioned will add to your improvement and I think confidence is a bit factor, positive mental attitude.

    I think you do you have to be aware of increasing your distances and do it gradually. I did C25k a few years ago because addicted and pushed myself too quickly into a 8k program which resulted in injury and stopped me running for 6 months by which time I lost my enthusiasm and stopped completely.

    Enjoy your 5k or 6k and listen to your body. You don't want to get to the point were you aren't having fun ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Thanks Eatwell, this is exactly what I've been doing. I've had to increase really slowly partly because I get so breathless - I think this has saved me from over-pushing my body, and fingers crossed from getting any injuries too. Often my legs could continue, but my lungs just can't. But this is definitely improving big time now.

    Hope you're feeling the enthusiasm come back now. Maybe you can build up to that 8km again, but more gradually, using the knowledge that too fast didn't work for you last time.

  • I don't feel the need to do more than 5k,I think as I get older (43) I have calmed down and I'm not so manic. Although I graduated from c25k already sometimes I still do the intervals because my breathing still isn't the best, but my legs could run all day too.

    I kept saying everything is about balance, I am finally listening to my own advice !

  • I'm only 7 years younger than you, and don't feel like calming down anytime soon, especially as I now feel I've regained so much energy. But maybe the other side of 40 I'll feel differently. I increased to 6k partly to see if it would make it easier to reach 5k, having really struggled to get there, and I think it has definitely helped. I also do intervals still too, and shorter runs, and generally mix it up. The main thing is to stay off the couch as much as possible and keep running :)

  • Don't think I'll ever calm down either! I'm turning 40 soon and I'm concentrating on speeding up- fitter now than I was 10 years ago!! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป

  • Great to see you improving, Ruth, and it's also great to be able to hear the enjoyment in your words! You don't need to set yourself any limits in the same way you don't need to set targets, just see how you feel and if you want to do a little more, then have the confidence to do it!

    Happy running!

  • Thanks Steve_L. Yep it's definitely enjoyable now. There was a period where there was much less enjoyment, so it feels good to have come out the other side! I do think of you with your pushing a little more attitude. I got to the end of 6k and could have carried on. But at the same time I don't want to risk injury/getting too exhausted by it. But I know if you've got more in you, you do tend to just keep on! Hope all going well with your half marathon training :)

  • Thanks, Ruth. I think we get to understand our bodies better, and we know how hard we can push. We just have to be sensible and use that knowledge to avoid doing too much!

  • Well done Ruth. That's quite an improvement.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Steve (above), do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

  • Thanks Dunder! I'm going through some kind of improvement phase at the moment. Something's definitely shifted :) Hope all good with you too :)

  • Good stuff. Yes, everything is fine thanks - just 4 weeks until my Half Marathon and the training is going as well as I could have hoped.

  • Wish you lots of luck with your last 4 weeks. I'm absolutely in awe of anyone who can do a HM, or even 10k for that matter! Keep going, I bet you will surprise yourself with an excellent result on the day, and just with the sheer feeling of achievement. And I bet you're even less like that struggling Homer pic than ever now :)

  • Very well done. That is great progress. :)

    I certainly agree with Eatwell. Be careful not to increase your distances too rapidly. Eatwell's story is not uncommon amongst C25K graduates. The confidence brought through completing C25K spurs us on to want to become better and better runners. Nothing wrong with that, that is excellent. But the improvement you will see week after week is adictive, and you will be tempted to push too fast and end up with an injury. Try to keep to the same distance until it feels easy, then increase by no more than 10%.

    Happy Running :)

  • Thanks Zev1963. I already did that when I first graduated in May at 4.11km. I increased too fast and within a week I was running 5k, but not particularly fast or comfortably, and I just became exhausted. After that my pace for every run was slower each time, and I just couldn't master my breathing anymore like I'd managed during the 9 weeks, felt like the hard work was all undone. Since then I've gone back to 3.5k, and to running really slowly, and built up VERY gradually. I'm the flippin queen of gradual. I finally got back to 5k around mid-August, did my first parkrun two weeks ago, and then built up to 6k over the past week or so. I've now achieved what I set out to do in a week in May, but over 3 months instead! And it was definitely better the gradual way :)

  • That is excellent. You have learned to read your body and tuned your training to suit. It really is a learning exercise this running. The C25K plan must be very well designed because it seems to work for everyone. After graduating we have to learn how to continue to improve without injuring ourselves, and it isnt easy.

    I was making great progress until April, but I pushed too hard, and have only just got back to running 5km every other day, it will be months before I'm back to where I was in April. But I've done it once, so I can do it again :)

    Most important thing is to enjoy it, the rest is secondary :) It sounds as if you're doing really well, and have found what works for you best. Well done :)

  • I thought I wouldn't get back to where I was too, and became disheartened, running less frequently, and kept putting off the parkrun which I knew would help improve my confidence. But it does work in the end if you apply the c25k principles, stay slow, increase time/distance gradually, don't get so out of breath you couldn't carry on a conversation with someone. It's also a great thing to return to in tough times. I love hearing Laura tell me 'just a bit further', 'you're doing so well' etc :) Good luck with your renewed 5k habit. Hope you manage to sustain it now in a way that doesn't exhaust you too :)

  • Thanks Ruth. You're right, gently does it :)

    If I had to start from scratch, then I'd definately go back to those podcasts. I loved those 9 weeks with Laura :)

  • Well done - sounds like a great run!

  • Nice one ruth- it's all coming together there. X

  • Well done Ruth your doing great ๐Ÿ˜€ and sounds like you're enjoying it xx

  • Well done Ruth. Great going. 2 PB's ...just fab

    Jules x

  • That's great Ruth, really pleased it's going so well for you! I agree, when the going is good keep going, do what works for you, and most of all enjoy it!

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