Week 5

This is my fourth attempt at the C25K program. I've started it so many times but never managed to get past week 3, mainly because of my silly brain that panics with absolutely no reason and starts coming up with excuses. But not this time! Apparently having something more daunting over my head, like the prospect of finishing my PhD thesis, meant that I could actually push forward. I set my self a strict schedule and stuck to it and after four attempts and many failures, last night I managed to finish R3W5!!!!

I was over the moon. The week started really well with R1W5, which I found actually fairly easy and managed to do it faster than any of my previous runs. R2W5 also seemed alright, but I was gasping for breath by the end of 8mins, so I never thought I could do 20 minutes straight. So I came on this forum and read many of the success stories of R3W5, so I thought, well everyone seems to be managing it, which actually calmed me down a huge amount and motivated me through the run.

So, as a result, I thought I absolutely had to share my success story for anyone out there, who, just like me, doesn't think they have it in them. YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO IT.

I actually found the run easier than R2W5, probably because I went slower, but Laura said "you have just 2 minutes left" and I thought " that can't be right, I'm not dying, I can actually go faster!".

So thank you everyone for sharing your success stories, and helping write one of my own!


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9 Replies

  • That's amazing, well done. Agree with you on the positive effects of reading this forum. Whenever I feel my motivation wavering I come on here and read posts like yours - they are so inspiring! I'm only on Week 3 but I'm starting to feel like I really can do it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Oh thank you! Keep going!!! I'll be waiting for your success stories too.

  • Well Done, Keep up the good work :) You will probably find running will help you cope with stress in other parts of your life such as Phd!!! As it does help you focus, it just takes some planning fitting everything in, take care and enjoy x

  • Well done, thats great. I'm only on R2W3 so the thought of running 20 mins is a far off goal. You have certainly motivated me to keep pushing through. :)

  • Bravo! Well done to you and thanks for sharing your expérience, it makes me want to persevere.

  • I think it's partly the result of how far out of reach say even a 10 minute run seems at the start that makes starting running seem so much more difficult than it turns out to actually be (if you just go about it the right way). This sense of "impossibility" sticks around, right until we start to actually "experience the evidence, personally" that by taking on small increments, we can build up to something like r3w5. It's a surprise when you're done, no matter how many other success stories you've read (even though those help keep up your courage during the trial).

    The really great thing about this process, is that once you've been through it you can start to look at other things that are "too difficult" with new eyes, wondering how far it's possible to progress, "doing a c25k on it".

    But not for you, right now. Right now, you have that wonderful r3w5 feeling to glory in. Well done! It still takes some courage, some determination, some self-discipline, to do it.

  • Awesome!!!! Congratulations on finishing the big run!!!! Also, good luck with your thesis. Remember, your advisor wouldn't let you graduate if he/she didn't think you were ready. Good for you! PhD in what?

  • Thank you everyone! With support like that, we definitely can do anything, keep going!

    @garybart You are absolutely right. It's a mental process that changes you, I never got it until now.

    @RunningForBroke My PhD is in Metallurgy, 1 month to go.... I should be able to graduate from both the C25K and my PhD at the same time.

  • This programme is mad isn't it. I have gone from total non-runner (hated running, couldn't understand why anyone would do such a thing) to someone who gets jittery if I don't go out. I have roped my son into the programme and run his run with him, then do my my own. Now we have both restarted tae kwon do after a 7/8 year break.

    Accomplishing this just seems to make other things a little less daunting.

    Congratulations on your success. You have broken that mental barrier now, the rest of the programme is just repetition. Slow your pace so you complete the run, remember it is distance not speed. Build your stamina and before you know it (honestly!) that 5k target does not seem so silly. In fact 10k starts to look like a future target after this one. Keep posting, you are an inspiration. I know. I'm Batman.

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