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W5R2...soggy doggy

Got a day off today, so instead of going out last night I went this morning.

Heavy downpour most of the time we were out, and me and Tilley were a muddy wet mess when we got home! Appreciated the hot shower, and Tilley got a good drying off with a towel.

Still hanging in with the programme, so feeling chuffed :)

Hope the sun smiles on your runs :)

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I was out this morning too but on w4 r2. I just managed to squeeze my run in between showers but it was so good to be a bit cooler. Great that you are sticking with the programme even in the rain! ☺️I found the first run of week 4 quite hard going but today I had a bit more energy for some reason. Right behind you , good to hear week 5 is ok and you're feeling chuffed. 😄

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Thanks :) great sense that we are achieving something, hope my trainers dry out before the next one!


Well done Deborah and Tilley !

Sounds like you had a really good run this morning . Must be great to run with your pooch . I have 2 pugs , one doesn't mind the rain , but the other one cries like a big girls blouse Ha ha ! :-)

Oooh the big one next W5 R3 . Keep at it youre both doing great ! :-) xxx

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Tilley's good company, she's a labrador and likes water and puddles. Trots along at a nice pace, sometimes in front and sometimes behind. She's 10, so we've done the plan together...and she's still full of energy. I've got a puppy too, labrador cross ridgeback, only just allowed out in the big wide world for walks, so it'll be a while before she's upto running very far!

Thanks for your encouragement :)

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