Week 9 - It's Still Tough

I just did my first run of week 9. Overall I felt it was a decent run and after the run I love the sense of achievement but I still have to really push through at some points during it. I struggle with being too warm even though it's extremely cool in Scotland and I struggle with stomach cramp/stitchs during the run which sometimes make me want to stop. I have tried not eating before a run and eating then waiting 60 -90 mins before a run and still end up with a stitch :(

As I said although it was tough and I had to push through in the last 5 minutes I think it was a pretty good run. Unfortunately I forgot to press my strava play button and the run didn't track but I estimate I ran for 4.5 K so I am still a bit from reaching the 5K yet.


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4 Replies

  • I still get a stitch from time to time and I find it's normally because either I started too fast or I'm dehydrated. Re hydration - it's not enough to down a cup of water just before a run. I find I have to make sure I have a lot of water during the day/the night before a run too. I hate having stitches, and have had them on my last two runs, both of which I know I started too fast. I think you sort of warm up within the run, so starting too fast can strain your running muscles or something. Lots of luck for the rest of week 9, if you're doing 4.5k then it sounds like you're doing exceptionally well :)

  • Thanks :) and that actually makes a lot of sense about the hydration. I usually take a couple of gulps of water before the run assuming that will hydrate me where as I should probably be keeping myself more hydrated the night before and it is probably what is contributing to the stitches. It reminds me of my mum always saying to drink more water and keep hydrated :P

  • My completely non-medical view of stitches is that they're an excellent sign that your core is engaging properly. Your stomach muscles are trying hard to do their fair share of the work instead of dumping everything on your back, but they need some time to get strong enough to do that job for any duration. I haven't had one during my runs, and I've actually tried to see if I can give myself one. No such luck. I think I put too much of the work onto my back, still. (Well did when last I ran. All I'm allowed at the moment is to cycle and walk - but you can cheat a walk up quite close to being a run, especially if you go up a hill).

  • Sounds like u must be going at a great pace, I am still pretty slow and have no idea my distance travelled. Running week 6, day 3 on Friday and will check speed and distance then for first time. Have you tried drinking before u go out, Laura suggests that prevents stitch??

    Julie 😀

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