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Singing in the rain

Week 2 R2

Harry and Alfie were outside my room this morning at 630am dressed and ready to go. They'd 'helpfully' woken the baby up to hurry things along.

30 minutes later we were in the park and ready to roll. Queue rain. The boys took some convincing but on we went.

Fab run, itsy bitsy bit faster.

Come the cool down we were so pleased with ourselves we let rip with a chorus of 'We are the champions'. Goodness knows what we'll be doing co e week 9!!!

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What a vision! Well done at getting the whole family out and moving so early. Big question now is...what are you going to fill the hours with until bedtime?!

Will they want to go running everyday at that time!? How are you going to convince them that you need rest days?

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They actually get up 6 am every day. Just usually leave me to sleep lol!

Our previous runs have been 7/730am.

And we all decided Mon. Wed and Fri will work best. We just have to run before school.


Love it! This made me smile x

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That's really sweet :)

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