Nearly gave up - so glad I went out

Nearly gave up - so glad I went out

Week 5 run 1 last Wednesday and I developed a nasty pain in my hip and a niggle in my knee. Perhaps because I decided to up the pace a bit when Laura said "just one minute to go". Who knows? Anyway, I didn't go out on Friday as it still hurt. No longer painful on Sunday evening so decided Monday. But should I redo r1 or carry on forward?

I usually go out about 6.45am to fit into my day. Monday morning, woke up at 7.30, it felt too late, but I had a GP appointment at 9 so didn't have to rush, I could almost fit it in. (my route takes about 45mins in total)But then I looked at the drizzle outside. Perhaps not. Anyway how would I have time to get showered and out to the doctor?

At 7.55 I found myself fastening my shoes and going out for wk5r2. No excuses.

The drizzle was gentle, the hip didn't hurt, there were swans on the river. I went straight to my doctor's surgery without going home. They managed to find me a drink of water and were all too polite to say anything about my state of dress and 'glow'.

So, the excuses didn't win, C25K did, and I was astonished and really pleased to complete. Phew!

Damp Swans below!

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  • Wonderful! Good pic too

  • Well done Annie it's so great when you manage to push through the negative thoughts and excuses 😆give yourself a big cheer whoo and keep I the great work xx

  • Well done for going out. I have had a few hip niggles after a run, so know how you feel. Luckily mine died down after a few days rest. Bet your GP was most impressed! Ps, ah, love the piccie :-)

  • Great stuff Annie !

    I bet you felt great after that one :-)

    Well done, keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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