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Final week...30mins, yes...5k, I don't think so

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And I am able to run for 30 minutes without having a coronary (just) But there's no way 30 minutes equals 5k is there? So am I running too slow? I feel I've done C230min which doesn't sound as catchy as C25K... and I've foolishly entered a park run at the weekend...


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Don't worry Simon. There's loads of us that graduate and can't do 5k in 30 mins.

I did run 5k in my last week but just kept going after Laura had finished as I wanted to see how long it would take me.

As for park run, you'll be fine. Lots of people walk/run so whatever you need to do is fine, you won't feel a fool. Everyone is lovely.

Good Luck


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I'm week 8 and exactly the same! I reckon it would be over 40 mins that I could do 5k (once I can actually run for that log) I only hit 4k now if I include my warm up and cool down walks!

I'm going to aim for 5k first and then gradually try and improve my time. I'm hoping to sign up for park run soon although looking online they all have v fast times at my local one!

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nhs2015Graduate in reply to Glossy

Go to a Parkrun. I did not want to go until I could run the distance and I really regret the missed enjoyment and friendship. I have also noticed people running and walking. It is accepted.

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GlossyGraduate in reply to nhs2015

I'm trying to get the bravery sorted out so I can sign up. I thought looking at the website may motivate me but the times really put me off. I would like there to be a good few joining me at the back of the pack! I may go down to have a nosey one week!

If you are not covering 5k in 30 minutes, then, if that is your aim, you are running too slowly. It seems to me that the majority of people do not achieve that distance within 30 minutes at graduation, so don't worry, but many go on to achieve it at a later date. My wife recently did her first sub 30 min 5k, exactly 2 years to the day after graduating.

Parkrun is about running against yourself. You will almost definitely set a PB and then you have an accurate time to chip away at in years to come. There will be plenty going both slower and faster than you, and you will be overtaken by an eight year old girl....we all are.....but just enjoy the fun of running in a group.

Well done Simon for getting through it. It may take you longer but you can definitely do a 5K.

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Don't panic Simon, the idea is to run for 30 minutes. The 5k will come later.

Great you are going to a Parkrun. Run/walk is not an issue. You can run for 30 minutes then decide if you want to push yourself for another 5 or 10 minutes or/and walk the rest of the way. Easy Peasy you will get there.

On Saturday afternoon you'll be saying that you were finally wise enough to enter the Parkrun. It's not a race. Everyone runs for their own reasons, with an attitude of live and let live. (It is a race, too, but none of us are likely to be winning it any time soon. Enjoy the amazement completing it yourself gives you when you look at the fastest times).

And as everyone else has said: 30 minutes is the goal right now. Achieve that first, and relish the success. After that you can set yourself other goals like running for a full 5 km, sub 30 minute, 40 minute run, sub 8 hour run over 5 peaks, etc.

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Hi Simon 5k in 30 mins would be amazing but I am one of those who plods along at nice leisurely pace 😁 I can manage 37 mins without killing myself lol just take your time. When I first did a park run I came last at 46 mins he he so enjoy it's great atmosphere everyone's lovely and you get loads of claps and encouragement xx

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Dont worry Simon. Very few people on here graduate with a 30 minute 5k. There are exceptions of course , if you are a racing snake :-)

parkruns are brilliant, all ages, shapes , sizes , and abilities , really well worth doing and like Ianno says , it gives you a yardstick that you can chip away at if you wish.

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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