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week 4 ramblings

Run1 of week 4 had to be my best run ever! I really enjoyed it, the entire thing. And the strangest thing was that I didn't even feel tired, or out of breath, or like I was dying like I usually do when I jog. I had to keep checking my pulse to double check that i was doing enough to raise my heartbeat. I even had enough energy to jump around a little, trying to reach high tree branches i went passed on the last 5 minute jog. It was a wonderful run.

Runs 2 & 3, not so much. They were really challenging, mentally rather than physically. Like the first run the jog wasn't too taxing on my body. Unlike the first run I was dreading having to complete runs 2 & 3. For both runs I felt really nervous before I even started. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to complete it. I think I was feeling a lot more pressure to complete the runs since I felt that I had no excuse to not be able to do it since had completed the run previously.

And then when i was jogging I kept thinking over and over again "I don't want to do this" and "I can't do this". Thankfully after a few minutes those thoughts quietened down but I have to say that I really didn't enjoy those runs, which makes me feel sad because after r1 I was beginning to think that I was finally becoming a 'real' runner.

Oh well, either way I finished it which I am proud of.

Week 5 starts tomorrow! Can't believe I am already more than half way through the program.

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Week 5, can u believe it? Day 1 and Day 2 are fine and more than possible, day 3 is a challenge but take ur time, if I can u certainly can do it - week 6, day 2 on Wednesday, unbelievable!



I know right, it's amazing how quickly time passes. Feels like only yesterday I was bumbling my way through week 1 lol.

Thanks for the advice and good luck on wednesday!


You're well on your way toward becoming a "real runner" (someone who runs because they like to, not because they want to bag some prize or achieve some health goal - I mean the primary motive -- you're allowed to have as many ulterior motives as you like :D ). If you've had one run you enjoyed fully, and for its own sake, then you can look forward to another one, and yet another, and so on. What a nice way to keep on running! No "self-disclipine" required; just give in to the impulse to run, and go for a run. That can carry you far. Isn't it great to find out that those runners who used to tell you they did it for the pleasure of it weren't just being big mouths, after all? Here's to many more enjoyable runs.


Sounds like you're doing brilliantly. Getting rid of the gremlins is half the battle I think. Here comes week 5!

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