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Week 5 Completed

I completed Week 5 Run 3 yesterday and having been reading this forum for the past few weeks I felt compelled to make my first post. I would never have believed that 5 or so weeks ago that I could run for 20 minutes and it goes to show that the program really does work, and so I thought I would share my story so far...

Having received a fitness tracker for my birthday back in July, it was a real wake up call to see just how inactive I had become, really just because the daily routine and work didn't involve any necessity for activity. Whilst generally searching the internet for ways to increase activity I came across the NHS Choices website and Laura's C25K podcasts. I've never really enjoyed running and haven't run since cross country at school but something in what I read sparked a desire to give it a go. Somewhat conscious of going out running in the local area, I started running in the gym where there is a 200m indoor running track. In both Week 1 and Week 2 my shins would really hurt during the run, almost like a cramp, but I still carried on to complete each run. As the pain was only present whilst running disappeared during the cooldown and having read a few comments on here I guessed this was normal rather than anything serious. I did find that by run 3 of each of those weeks it did become a bit easier and that certainly drove my determination to keep going with the program. During early August I was on holiday for a week and took my running shoes (and Laura's podcast) with me and completed week 4 by running outdoors for the first time. I was running along tracks and country roads it was a really great feeling to be running outdoors, and since coming home I have completed all the runs outdoors, hopefully I look a little bit more like a runner now than when I first started! Week 5 has certainly increased the intensity of the program, but not to a point where I can't keep up, and run 3 was a challenge to keep going for 20 mins but with a great feeling afterwards.

As long as I stay fit I'm more motivated than ever to graduate C25K and am looking forward to being able to go on and take part in a 5k, I'm hoping that by the time I get to week 9 I will have the confidence to take on Parkrun. I'm still not sure that I can truly say I enjoy running but I am definitely feeling better for doing it and can see the progress I am making. And finally, the program really does seem to work so if you are sat there in any doubt about getting started on C25K - give it a go!!

And so next, on to Week 6 Run 1.......

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Doing it because it's good for you is a good enough reason, until you find a better one. Well done for having the discipline to stick with it.

As for Parkruns, unless you can't walk for 5km (and be brisk about it for at least some of the way, I suppose), you are already ready for Parkruns. Search this forum on the topic, and I'm sure you'll hear that again and again (assuming nobody chips in to add more encouragement).


well done.. keep up the good work...


Getting that 20 min run ticked off really feels great, doesn't it?

As GB says, you are ready for parkrun! Don't delay!! Get along this weekend. It is a fantastic way to start a Saturday. Just remember to come back and tell us how you got on.


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