Ran 4 miles - awesome!

I got invited on Friday in the pub to join two runners in my village at 9.00 am Sunday for a run - I've never run with two people before and they were fit!! - So I did turned up - they talked all the way! - I just stuck in there and kept playing hard rock on the Ipod to keep me going - it was v v hard!! but no walking - I'm amazed that I did it and spent the rest of the day pretty spaced out - weird brain - may be sore tomorrow but am now addicted!! Lx

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  • Is this couch to 5 km in a single bound? I know one mate of mine who could do that tomorrow, and then go back to more important things like drinking enough beer and eating enough marbled red meat to maintain a decent quality of life, but people like that are rare. Lucky you if you're one of them.

  • God no - 15 months on couch p to 5k then graduated about 3 months ago - been running the wk. 9 for about 3 months and then got invited to go running with others - never run with other people before today - but still eat steak and drink wine - been a bit spaced out today though since the run - will I be able to move tomorrow!! Work out at gym though so that probably helps

  • Oh well, then at least you don't have to produce special witnesses to vouch for you being mortal. Good on you for being so persistent. Looks like it's paid off. It's a big enough jump between X km in 30 min and 4 miles. Must be the hard rock! :D

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