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Why is it sometimes so hard???

For the past few weeks, I have been averaging over 30 klms per week - and this week my plan had me doing a quiet one with only 15K. I actually noticed that the first couple of short and slow 5K runs this week were a bit of a "struggle" - then today, I had volunteered to be "tailrunner" at parkrun , which usually turns out to be about a walk of 1 hour ( sure enough, this morning it was 58 minutes! :) ) - so I thought that I would walk the 5k as a tailrunner and then would do an easy paced 6.5K run home. Well!! What a struggle that was !! It was fairly hilly - and I just had no energy. I was wearing low drop shoes which I don't wear very often - and I think that I have noticed in the past that I don't really like them much - running always seems to be a bit of a struggle with them ( Saucony Kinvara 3's) - and I realised later that I had had no sustenance in the early hours before the run ( maybe my energy levels were low because of that??)

This afternoon I have achy legs and went back to bed!!:)

Anyway , it's back to a high volume week again this coming week with a 16KLm longrun -- I hope I buck up a bit!!! :(

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Wow Bazza 30K a week is a lot! I sometimes find too that slower runs are harder, for me I seem to need a faster bit, even a short faster bit to get me kick started if you know what I mean. I always eat before running too, I've never eaten breakfast in my life but need it before running. Finally a week with lots on KMs in it can have an impact the next week. (I don't know anything about low rise shoes sorry) XX


Yes - actually last week I did 35K - so I thought that "only" doing a meagre 15K this week would have me leaping and surging !! -- :( not so, somebody has put a big ocean of molasses outside my door!! ) :)


I'm blaming the heat this week and the humidity. Can't understand why some of the East runs feel so hard either. Big miles though - are you recovering well between?


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