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Week3 run 2

Went to see the running man at my gym yesterday have my non run days programme sorted sure he may be trying to kill me but will give it a go. Did ru 2 of week three today again outdoors have decided I don't actually care how I look to others I'm enjoying it breathing was a lot easier today although I'm pretty sure I was talking to myself most of the time so didn't seem like I was running all that long, well I know three minutes isn't long but anyway felt better than Monday's run 3.3 km in 26.42 looking forward to my first park run Saturday if a little nervous.

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Your time and distance look pretty good to me, but the thing that looks like it can benefit you the longest is that you're enjoying it. Once you manage that (and remember to make it the most important part of this, always) then other things become manageable (such as the opinions of people whose opinion doesn't matter, etc.). But well done, too, on getting that gremlin under control so quickly. Not worrying about the world out there is one of the best ways you can break the chains on you. Here's to a good run 3.


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