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W8 D3

I managed to complete this today in 25 degree heat after a pure disaster yesterday but it was a real mental battle. I had tried a new route yesterday as scheduled but I found it very tough as it had long slow climbs which caught me out as well as I messing up on pace badly. I was really annoyed and disappointed so I couldn't wait out the rest day and went at it again today on my local pitch. But boy did I have to push myself many times in the heat as I kept thinking of yesterday's failure and found my mind constantly telling me to stop and rest. I remembered something that I read on the forum that said just block out everything apart from counting one foot after another until you get past the mental block. It worked although I did have to slow down my pace near the end to ensure/drag myself through it. I'm tired after it but mentally feel back on track. But when that mental wall comes at you just push on one foot after the other!

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Did you notice that it was just a part of your mind which was giving you the hard time? The bit doing the running was just getting on with it! If only the different bits could get their act together!

Back on track is good - Great Stuff!


Definitely andrewleeone, it was the mental part that was toughest. The breathing was ok and the legs I knew were fairly good but I am so surprised how much confidence I had lost in missing the target for the first time. Made me realise how tough this really can be. Great to be back on track though!


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