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Week 5, run 1

I have been preparing myself for week 5, had 2 days rest with no exercise at all because I was worried that this week might be the undoing of me!

Even thought about going back to the treadmill to make it easier but this morning decided to stick with running outside. Had to do 3 separate 5 minute runs and found it quite easy because I already did 5 minute run last week. Just kept my legs relaxed, ran slowly and steadily and breathed deeply and slowly.

Legs a little achy but feel excited about my day 2 run with 8 minutes in it. Even at 51 and not being active for many years, the programme is really working. If I think I can do it, I can!

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Fantastic! Well done Joolie. Defeated those pesky gremlims. You can do it. W5 really does feel like a milestone.


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