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Runners World "Smartcoach" gives me a rest

I am in the middle of a 16 week prep programme for a HM in late October - plan is by Smartcoach

I REALLY like this training calculator - and it gives me a rest every 5 weeks or so . So for the past few weeks, I have managed in the mid 30 Klms ( 34K) this past week!!) - so I am back to ONLY 17 Klms this week ( who would have ever thought that I would be using the words only and 17 klm in the same sentence one day??? :) )

Personally, I much prefer this Smartcoach calculator over the MY ASICS one

I think that once I have "finished " this HM - it is time for me to break that 30 min 5K barrier!!!

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Good luck. A half marathon is a fantastic achievement to aim for. Hope the training continues to go well. :-D


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