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Week 3 run 1 tomorrow

As I sit here having read lots of posts and read my running mag from cover to cover I'm feeling really motivated but also a little apprehensive . I can't decide weather to run outside or at the gym also can't decide weather to risk going out in daylight or wait till after dark I don't think I've ever been this undecided before. Also what are your opinions on when is best to have a go at park run I have volunteered before when injured but have never run it although would be run/walk at this stage .

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Starting on the easy one: you're ready to do a Parkrun next Saturday. Just fit it in with one of your c25k runs, make sure you first complete that, and then if you get some more go during or after recovery, run a bit more. Don't push too hard, though. You'll get a better time next week, so just participate, and focus more on just being part of a large collection of different versions of running. Lots of people just walk (as you must have seen) so a walk-run is fine for Parkrun. That might not apply to something more competitive, but Parkrun isn't a race.

As for the other two, I'd vote for outdoors plus daylight. If you're shy, go in the early morning, before everyone else has woken up.

The reason to run outdoors is that there's more to distract you out there, and you can keep making tiny adjustments to your running as you go, so you're in a better position to manage things, and to improve your running out there. Daylight? Just because you can see better then. If you have a well litten night run available, and you have low crime levels (you have low crime levels, BTW) then as long as you're outdoors, night time will do as well.

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Wow thanks for that tomorrow morning it is and will give park run a go next Saturday fingers crossed I won't make too much of a fool of myself


Of course you won't make a fool of yourself. :-) But anyway, being "cool" is hugely overrated; actually it's better to be bright red, a bit out of breath, and as happy as a Labrador that has found an old tennis ball. You'll find you can merge quitely among your Parkrun friends if you want, though. And early morning is the best time of the day, once you get into it (if you aren't already). Have fun!

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