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A fraught week

Struggled this week to get out on the road.

After my run on Monday, my running week was all planned out and ready to go. Then....

Monday night, my mum fell and fractured her shoulder. I spend Monday evening into the early hours of Tuesday morning in A&E getting her sorted out.

She was send home in a collar and cuff and with me. So I've had very interrupted sleep and lots of running about taking care of her since then.

I went out to run my easy 3.5km run today and ended up walking half of it. I just could not get my breathing right and I'm just so tired.

BUT, and this is the important bit, I did go out, I did run and I know I'll be back in track in no time.

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Hi Kasmcc100!

I think you did well at all going out with all that going on and no sleep!

You have the right idea by not telling yourself off but saying well done for doing anything!

Hope everything settles down soon!


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Well done you. Things can only get better right?

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Hope your mum recovers soon :) you have done great to just get out there :)

hope you catch up on your sleep :)

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Well done Kas for getting out there :-)

Hope things settle down for you soon and your Mum has a speedy recovery. Life just takes over sometimes doesnt it , but you have got this to fall back on when you need a bit of " me " time .

Big hugs ((( ))) xxx

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