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Further ~ a bit, Faster ~a bit, Fitter ~ quite a bit!

Just finished week 4 this morning having covered 2.5 miles (definitely miles, not km) in 31 minutes - can't believe it! Running bottoms started heading south a bit this morning as the jogging together with yoga, pilates and abs classes are changing my shape. Turning into a new women.

All set for next week. I seem to have got over the really hateful bit and had glimpses this morning of going into that dreamy effortless state that my other half talks about. He is still not allowed to interfere with my training schedule but I can envisage the day now where he will be running along behind me! Whoops meant to say beside - let's not get too carried away.

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Hahaha, love it! Don't make that slip to hubby, he might get competitive! Go you, you're doing fab. :-D


You have hit the nail on the head there! He wheedles each time I go out. This morning I went out before he had surfaced.


Hahaha ! Glad you are beginning to envisage a time when you might actually enjoy the running, sounds like you're doing really well so far so keep up the good work !


Thanks. It is a real milestone to feel "comfortable".


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