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How to get back running after a 4 week break

Just got back from my hols and only managed to run twice in the last 4 weeks. Was full of good intention but my running buddy had a fall one evening and sprained her foot and I just didn't have the mojo to run by myself.

But now I'm back and keen to get going again. I had graduated and was running 5km 2/3 times a week (not easily- it's never been easy :( ) I don't really want to go back to week one but not quite sure where to start.


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Just go for a run and see what you can do. You won't need to start back at the beginning and will swiftly build up again.

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I started back this week after being off for 2 weeks (illness). First run was going to do 20 mins, it was fine, so ran for 25. Next run just did my normal thing.

So go for a first run, aim at like 20 mins and see how it goes.


After 4 weeks off I did 20 mins but that was because of an injury I was testing out. The next run I did a week 9 and my next one will be my usual 5k! Keep at it whatever you decide ! :)


I can't really comment having not graduated, but I will try. Firstly remember you have graduated so you are through this and we admire that. From the little you have written I get the impression that running is not your favourite past time and even having graduated you are finding it tough (with that I can sympathise).

So all I can say is try not to over think this, go out run and do your best to actually enjoy it. After all you have graduated, you can forget the program, you are now free to simply run. Just go, run, walk, sprint a bit, do cartwheels if needs be. Once you have got back in the saddle, why not look up a 10k programme, you know you want to.

Good luck


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