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Heel pain

Hi everyone. Posted a while ago about heel pain fairly certain it has been plantar fascia, heeded all advice rest, anti inflammatory gel, exercises, correct footwear even a splint to wear on a night in bed; it doesn't feel as bad still have twinges but no where near as severe. My quandary is I am doing my first HM in 4 weeks time and don't know whether to continue to rest in the hope it improves further or whether to try some gentle running. Prior to injury I had managed to train upto 8 miles in 1.35 mins, wondering whether that's enough to wing it on the day? All advice welcome

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Have you tried a compression thingy...sorry I don't know the correct term. I was surprised to see that you can get these for your feet. They claim to help with hel pain etc and the reviews on Amazon seemed very positive...but I haven't used them myself.( I was looking for calf help for no. 2 son).


Just looked and they are called compression foot sleeve....


Thanks pot58 I will have a look

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