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Anyone else had the date of an event change before?

My next event was the 4th October, I have just got an email in saying the date has been changed to 15th November, anyone else had a date change of an event? Suits me as I more likely to be able to run it rather than walk it with another 6 weeks to play with but I just found it a bit strange. Need to adjust my training plan now. glad I'm free that weekend as well as it would of been terrible if I was away. Just hope the weather is kind. I suppose if it isn't it will be training for the Winter Run 31 January.

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I had 2 Spartan Obstacle Races condensed to being on the same day, the first at 9.30 the second at 12, which was... challenging to say the least. There was just enough time in between the two races for the muscles to cool down com;letely and start stiffening up before the next one started.


Wow that sounds very challenging. I bet your muscles felt it the next day. Well done for doing both. I just hope by then I will have the ok to run some of it rather than walk it all, shoulders coming along nicely now.


There was a 5k fun run due for July on Newcastles town moor that's now been pushed back until October so yes it does happen but moving a fun run 5k isn't going to mess with anyone's training plans :)


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