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Week 4 Run 1

Hurrah! W4R1 in the bag! YESSSsss!

My goodness I was dreading it- the three minute runs for Week3 were killers for me. Thank you all for all your posts- I resolved to Trust the Programme and Just Do It. The first 5 minute run went by in a slight desperation of mentally talking to myself about how hard W1R1 was and how far I've come in the very short time since then, how lucky I am to be able to run in the beautiful countryside, etc etc...

Laura chipping in halfway and then with a minute to go was also very supportive since I could feel the beetroot setting in on my face. The second three minute run wasn't really difficult- but when Laura announced halfway in the last five minute run that was hard- still 2.5 minutes to go- arghhh! and that last minute really did extend to the horizon! Covered 3.4km overall, including the walking...

But, the mental block of being scared of Week 4 is out of the way and for the next two runs, I know it's familiar, if painful territory.

Any tips on how to keep it going in the south of France on holiday in unfamiliar territory will be greatly welcome- I'm off for a week (provided the wind doesn't change) as of Thursday...

have fun out there!

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Well done on your progress, you're doing great! That's quite an impressive distance you covered.

Tips for France - take some sunblock and a waterproof jacket with you, the weather is a bit unpredictable here to say the least! If you're running away from main roads, check your route before you set off, I've found there are very few sign posts on the minor roads. Enjoy running under the beautiful sky, there always seems to be a huge amount of sky in France!


Ooh thank you! I love a good bit of sky! I'm also surprised if u covered a good distance- my 'running' is akin to a shuffle more than anything...

I've got P20 all day factor 50- but I don't have a lightweight waterproof jacket and I'm flying at 6am tomorrow so I will just have to cope with 30 mins of rain. It's the getting lost that worries me- (oh and the running!)- but I guess I could go in a straight line and back again ... Thanks again for your reply- how very supportive! 😀


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