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elastic lock laces

Hallelujah!!! I have found a place locally where I can buy elastic lock laces. I got a pair in the US earlier this year - and really like them , but could not find any locally . They are expensive $10 for what they are, but I am sick and tired of my shoe laces becoming untied while running. I know I know -- tie them tighter - but I have always struggled to get the tension of my laces just "so" and have always felt that I needed to "relax" them midrun. These elastic laces are the answer for me

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I bought some orange nobbly ones cos they sounded like a great idea.

Nope - absolutely useless, but that might be more the wearer than the product. They were in orange to clash with my green Brooks :)


Nobbly?? Mine are just continuous lengths of mini-shock cord , which thread though the lace holes as per normal - but are secured by a small spring loaded gizmo .


Xtenex laces. The theory is good, but they didn't work for me.


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