My little sweeties

My little sweeties

I am now the proud owner of four pair of shoes. Two running and two trail. The running ones are expensive Asics :

a white pair with a lot of plastic which make my feet sweat so I used them to match white Capri pants if I go for coffee somewhere.

Then my serious running business looking ones, bright orange as my reward while doing C25K.

The trail ones are $50 NB :

Last June, in preparation for a camping trip up North where the red bull dust is king, I decided to buy a cheap pair of trail shoes. NB ( new balance). On special for $50 only and so so so comfy. My toes have plenty of room and can do the Cha Cha in it.

(Now if I try to wear the Ascic, they do not feel half as comfy as the NB trail shoes.)

Today the sport store had again a special of NB trail so off I went and now I am the proud owner of a new pair. On the picture it is the black and yellow one with the yellow laces. Don't they look wonderful?

I was also told by the sales person to alternate the shoes for every run to give time for the sole to bounce back.

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  • That's a lovely looking collection.

  • The Aroma just hits you.

  • Oooh fab !

    Lovely collection of shoes , like sweeties in a sweet shop ! :-D xxx

  • Yes lovely! Just looking at them makes me want to go for a run...

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