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Woohoo back again!

It feels like forever but is in fact only two weeks. My last post was following a successful W3 r1 with a grumpy knee. Said knee has been a real pain {pun definitely intended}.

So I joined the gym although not quite ready for head to toe lycra yet, or maybe the world isn't quite ready for me! However, I have spent two weeks on the cross trainer and swimming with a start on resistance training to build up those supporting muscles, don't ask me what they are called I have forgotten already.

So today was the day to turn up the speed on the treadmill to........ wait for it.....3.7 mph which is just about a jog :}. There I was with all the other runners in a line, felt good and the knee was great. Of course by the end of the last run my heartrate was 171 and I had stopped looking like the other runners. I wasn't opposite a mirror {intended} so at least I didn't have to see my red face. But I could tell.. hehe.. from the knackered glow.

But I did it, all be it with a two week delay in the middle.. week 3 run 2 done and dusted.

Sweaty but happy and amazed that even after a two week break I could do the 3 min runs.

Keep on running ... xx

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Excellent progress. I suppose the gym work helped to maintain your cardiovascular fitness, so whatever the legs might have lost in the wait, the heart was able to compensate for? And no problems with the knee? That's quite a quick recovery. A stitch in time saves nine?

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Well done Gnet, and welcome back! :-D

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