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14.23 klms - interval wogging

Currently training to complete a HM -- I mostly run early morning - but it is currently too cold for that so I went out yesterday around 3PM -- @18C and cooling down.

Using an easy 60secs/45secs "wogging" ratio and an equally easy 4/4 breathing pattern, I quite easily crossed off the 14 Klm longrun on my training plan. I deliberately left my watch at home and turned off the audio cues on Runkeeper, so that it only told me my distance as I went along - I was a little surprised at the end result time/pace of this run. According to Mr Jack Daniels training pace calculator, I "should" be doing my easy/long runs at between 8:00 - 8:30 mins per K - however this 14klm easy longrun came in at 7:40 per K. It consisted of an easy jog for 1 minute and a brisk walk for 45 seconds - modified by jogging down all declines and brisk walking up all inclines.

Distance wise - this training run equaled my longest "race" so far - and at a pace only 10 seconds per K slower than the race. A 21K distance , however, will be another thing!! :) - but so long as I can complete it in between 2.5 - 3.0 hours ( roughly 7:30 - 8:00 mins per K ) , I will be very happy -- just to "finish" in an upright position will satisfy me :)


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Well done Bazza, that's very impressive. Have you commented on ginbin's question about training for HM using run/walk?


Sounds like you're doing great Bazza. Well done!


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