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salomon XA pro 3D GTX

Hi. I wear Salomon XR Mission for running in the woods and on rough grassland. The are very comfortable. I have just bought some Salomon XA pro 3D GTX. (dramatically reduced) I have only tried them on in the house, but they feel a little narrow across the middle of the toe box, and quite stiff. I have read elsewhere that they do soften up and become more flexible with a little wear. Does anyone here wear these for trail running and if so would you agree that they take a bit more wearing in than a road running shoe? I'm wondering whether to keep them .


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Yep, I have a pair of them, one of my best pairs of running shoes I'd say, never had a problem with them. Although I am led to understand that Salomon now market them as a hiking shoe as well as a running shoe. Can't say as I've noticed they are stiff across the middle etc.

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thanks for the reply. Do you have the Goretex version?




maybe they are stiffer with GTX?


I love my Salomons. I've worn them for years for dog walking across 'interesting' terrain. XA £D Ultra2 is what I have been mostly wearing :) I've been wearing these for C25K as well, they are what I have, and I am running on the same terrain (grass/hardcore/limestone). I have incredibly broad hobbit like feet (hardly ladylike!) and they fit me well, I haven't found them narrow at all. I did kill one pair at the weekend and they were my oldest pair and definitely had slackened off. Good luck with your running and check out my post 'shoes' to which I had some fab replies of alternative shoes for these conditions. Ah, shopping...


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