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Week 3 run2

Advise if you can.

Today I'm having problems with my feet hurting along the outside edge and over the top. I have a podiatry appointment in ten days because I've had this pain before and knew that the 'running' might trigger it. Do I keep going despite the pain or wait to see the podiatrist?

I've changed my trainers several times trying to get this right but to no avail. (and yes, I went to a running shop to get the 'right' ones which had to be ordered in for me)

I think at least, I might wait an extra day before run3.

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There aren't many muscles in the feet, so that sounds like your tendons or joints hurting (in my completely inexpert opinion). Muscles, you can be quite cruel to; tendons etc. take a long time to heal. It's safer not to mess with your tendons.

If you wanted to maintain some condition, you might think about reversing your progress a bit? Go back to week 1. (But only if the pain stops, I think).

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It could be that your running is putting more pressure on your arches than they are used to and you're "squashing" your feet.

I had a foot injury at one point, unconnected with running, but one exercise I was given was to strengthen the arches: Essentially, you just stand evenly on your feet and tense your arches (without curling your toes under), hold them for a few seconds, relax and repeat. If you do 10-20 rep's a few times a day then you help your strengthen your feet, especially when your arches are flexing. It might help.


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hi their have you ever thought you might have twisted you foot does it swell up when painful if so go see your doctor, i have the same problem but i know what causes mine just a little piece of advice. bigalan

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Thank you, you're all right! I've taken a day off having seen the podiatrist yesterday. (I'd been in the queue since March when I first knew I wanted to try this and past experience suggested I'd get this problem.)

It does swell bigalan but I can't take anti-inflammatories - I have to get with the ice. Seems that my trainers are fine but my sandalled summer and slip on shoes through last winter was not giving me enough support. So I've been wearing lace-up shoes with extra arch supports today as they think this will help it get better. Then when I pop my trainers on and set off for wk3r3 tomorrow we'll see whether things have improved. Must admit my feet have been very comfortable today. So we'll have to wait and see. I shall be frustrated if it starts hurting again.

Thank you all again



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