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W8R2 but accidentally run 30 min

W8R2 but accidentally run 30 min

I am on week8 run 2 but I press on the wrong button and kept running this morning. I only realise after I run for 10 minutes when Laura told me that I have 20 min more to go. However, I just kept running then I couldn't believe that I did it.

I will consider that still as W8R2 and the next run will be W8R3. Any comment?

My speed was

5.48minfor the first KM

6.07min for the 2nd

6:03 for the 3rd

5:55 for th4th

6:07 for the 5th

6:48 for the last

All together I run 5.07KM in 30 minutes

To be honest, I feel proud and Happy!!!

I present myself a new running socks

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Go back to the beginning and start again!!!

Keep running, keep smiling.

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That sounds great!

So you mean I have to do Run2 again?

What I usually do is I run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the three runs in a week and On Saturday I go for a park run.

I can make Friday My second Run and Saturday my third run( instead of park run)

What do you think?

It is just I want to stick to the plan mean want to graduate by next week.


He's only kidding. Run your next run as per schedule

Don't worry about speed or distance. It's not relevant for the programme. You can worry about that post graduation. You need to be fit before worrying about that stuff. Your body has to catch up with your running legs and there's a time lag. Fitness is everything and when you're strong enough your running will improve

Love the new socks by the way. I hope they'll give you many miles faithful service.

Happy running. Enjoy the next one



Thanks Misswobble

the next present for myself will be new running shoes.

I can feel the fittness and how easy it is getting to run

Thanks again


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