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One year older, back to work blues and week 4 done..woo hoo!

Well today I was back to work after a lovely 2 weeks off, I'm a whole year older...but I didn't use that as an excuse. I've just completed week4 run 3 after getting in from work. It was a warm one, but I genuinely surprised myself, not only was I shocked when laura told me I'd completed my last run cos I felt I could have kept going, but I feel great at the end of it! I've been finishing the other runs in week 4 and my calves have felt really tight and achy and that feeling has lingered for a while, but my partner came running with me for run 2 and he commented that I was running hunched over. So today I concentrated on keeping my head up and my shoulders straight and stretching my stride and I feel so much better for it, no tightness in my calves woo hoo! Now bring on week 5!

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Happy birthday and we'll done for completing week 4! Keep up the good work!

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well done and many happy returns.

Re the tight calves: are you stretching properly after your runs? Most of us don't, or not enough. I am just back from a run myself and haven't... yet...

investing in a foam roller is also a very good thing.

That's 'good' in a horrific screaming agony torture kind of way, but beneficial.


Happy birthday Suzy. :)

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