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Mojo slowly returning

Hi everyone.

First of all, big thanks to those who responded about my missing mojo! I can happily report that I'm getting back into the swing (run??) of things slowly. The first run was a disaster, when my legs just stopped after 13 mins!! I was so upset, I'd NEVER quit before and I felt terrible!

Anyway, as if to prove that it really is a case of getting ones head straight, once I'd "recovered" form being upset, my mind was ready to get out there again.....so Sunday morning I did just that- determined to run my 30 mins again. In fact, I only manages 28 mins, because my pace was slightly faster I'd reached THE DREADED HILL and my stamina was just not up to it. I firmly believe that if I was on the flat, I'd have completed- It wouldn't have been pretty, but I would have done it.

The one thing I have now learned is that it truly is a mental challenge- our bodies can be trained for anything (except for Dreaded Hills, lol!!) but it is minds that can hold us back, so keep going and keep telling yourself that you CAN do it, you just have to build your stamina and train your body!

Thanks xx

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If you do feel a bit puffed out on a run then talk a walking break. Chances are that once you have your breathing back to normal you can push on and finish the run. I never give up on a run, I just take 30 seconds to a minute or so to recover my breathing. Give it a try

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I don't think I'll give up again! It was more mental- we've been having some family problems and my head was in such a mess. Once I'd stopped running and my breathing was normal, I did feel that I could run some more, but I'd already had a wail on the phone to my husband, who had offered to swing round and pick me up, so I just wallowed in a few more tears when he arrived, lol!!

We are away boating in a few days and I'll have lovely straight towpaths- so no excuses! Thanks xx


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