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Finally (Officially) Moving Forward Again R1 Wk6

I've approximately already done Run 3 of this week already, but now I'm back into the proper order of things, and today I began Week 6 with some glitches.

The main glitch was that my phone died suddenly at the end of the first five minute run. I managed to get it going, but it's a primitive thing, and there's no seek on the music player. You can either play or stop a track; that's it. As I walked along, I fought with the thing, but after listening to all sorts of other podcasts, I gave up, and decided to just start from square one all over again.

So I went back along the way I'd come, looking for a new route along the highway (where the cars can smash you into a limp rag, but there are at least no vicious dogs to fear, or friendly dogs to protect from their own good natures). I even ran the first five minutes again - but v-e-r-y sloooooowly.

From the second (8 minute) run, everything was back on track, except it turns out I cunningly tricked myself into doing just about the entire run uphill because of that bit of "bundu bashing" along the side of the highway. There's nothing like doing Week 5 over and over and over and over again for getting yourself into training for managing Week 6. I wept a great deal less than usual going up the endless hill. I even carried on over the crest at the end of my last 5 minute run, and did a little further 5 minutes to the cool down music, down the other side. None of this was done with too much "push". Just in case I might have injuries waiting to manifest, I think I'm going to tune it down a bit for the next few runs. And if that makes me feel better, I might carry on that way. I'm listening to those of you who counsel patience, you see?

What a discovery, though! The joy of this! On my walk back (in case you missed this, I run "out", not in a circuit, so when I'm finished I have to still walk all the way home; I find it loosens me up properly and prevents things like back pain) .. er .. oh yes, on my walk back, I met some fellow walkers, and we strolled along talking about what a beautiful day it was, and how nice it is to get out and about ... There's so much more to this than just getting fit. Sometimes it's like becoming 11 years old again. You walk/ run to places instead of driving PAST everything. You hear the birds, you meet other people, you live a bit more than you do when you become just a commuter.

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Just done this run myself and quite agree. Such a lovely day for a run! And so nice to be out and about :)

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Although our beautiful days were several thousand kilometers apart. :-)

Durban in the Winter is only cool at night. In the day it's usually warm, unless a cold front (fairly rare) comes through. After a cold front there will often be snow on the mountains of Lesotho, so you get bright sun, a shiny blue sky, and a bit of a nip in the air. During a cold front the usual low, leaden skies apply, of course.

Summer is another matter. It gets hot and sticky, and it rains a lot.

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