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Got home early from work and made the mistake of sitting down instead of going straight out to run

Hubby got me moving but was not feeling great,tummy felt bloated and needed a wee if though went before we left.

It is as bloody hard work but I did it... started running few seconds early then faster for that last minute and even managed few extra strides

Can't believe 3 runs till graduation not bad for some who always said she couldn't run 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃😜

And Wanstead Flats did look lovely tonight

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They certainly do!!!! Always go out for your run! You'll always be glad you did

If you let your meal digest then go out you should have got rid of the bloated feeling by then, say 60 - 90 minutes after your meal

Lovely photo! What a place to run. Fabulous


Thanks.....I hadn't eaten think I had just got bit too relaxed

Is a great place to run bit of green in East London


Well done you! It was a lovely evening for running today.


What a lovely view - and well done for getting out. It's always a test when you have an excuse not to run, but you made it!

I ran tonight too and it was lovely. I was mostly in the woods, which was great and a nice change from pavement, except that I kept getting lost! Idiot.


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