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Don't give up! Best investment you can make in yourself!

So...last year I quit after week 4. I was a bit poorly one week and then didn't make the effort to start back up the following week. It niggled away at me that I let myself give up and a year on I decided to get off my lazy backside and do something about it. So now I am at Week 6 run 3 and I feel better than ever. Proud, healthier, happier and sticking at it. I wanted to come on here and say this, so as to make myself accountable and to encourage others to not give up even if it means repeateing a week or two. I repeated week 4, as didn't feel ready to move on and that helped me a lot. I had the gait test done on my running at a running shop and would highly recommend this to any new runners who are looking into getting new running shoes or simply learning a bit more about their running style. Good luck to you all and in the style of Strictly Come Dancing...'Keep Running!' :)

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Thank you! We will. Well, I hope we all will. Glad you came back!!!! Happy running to you too, long may it continue. Are you Parkrunning?

Also you know it's the law round here to post pics of new shoes. I assume you got new ones after your gait analysis


Haha, will get that sorted and post one ASAP! Yes I think that is a great idea Park Runs. There is one near me but I know it's a bit hilly! 😁


Ooh not so good. Hills are a nuisance. I think we should all move to the flat land of the Fens. I thought Lincs was flat til I tried to run there. Hmfff! I was in the Wolds! Ha ha. Fools rush in. Sigh

You could go along to see the course for yourself, maybe even have a go at it. You could make it one of your training sessions.


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