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Wk1 Run2

Think my dog may have been doing some sneaky training, she's improving more than me!

Stuck to a plodding pace for my 'runs', legs had been a bit stiff from run 1, but only really noticed it when I'd sat down for too long at work.

Quite impressed with myself tonight, as managed to psych myself for my second outing as soon as got back from work, felt keen to get another one marked off.

Weather nicer than Sunday, went though the woods again and had a bit of a diversion to play 'hunt the cricket ball' which an enthusiastic cricketer had sent over the hedge.

Dog was entertained as kept meeting men in whites along the footpath!

Hope you're all having a good week.

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A win win for you. You get to embrace the world of running, and your dog gets to have some spirited walks along with you.

Well done.

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Yes it sure is. You win! Your dog will thank you for it too!

Have fun! Take care

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Cold again on start of my run but no rain like Sunday.

Can someone find a working summer app as mines not working!

& Glad you had some entertainment. We could all do with the distraction.


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Love this! It sounds like you're doing really well. 😊

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