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😪 week 7 run 1

Well, not really sure I did Mabel justice.

Knew it was gonna be difficult tonight. 12 hour day, with lunch at 3.30. Well sandwich , then home, sort kids, half a banana as didn't want to eat too much then out.

First couple quite good 6.59 and 7.05 then I get a stitch both sides!!! Slowed right down and didn't look at times then. Just plodded on but I DID NOT STOP.

I carried on. 3.6k in 25 mins but I didn't give up and I can honestly say I am more proud of that than I am dissapointed with my run

Oh how this has changed me. And Mabel, next time my lovely I will be prepared like I usually am

Jules xx

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Hey Jules. Don't beat yourself up as they look really fast times and Mabel should be really proud of you.

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Don't worry, we all have days/runs that feel bad, are difficult etc. But - you carried on and did well - so give yourself a pat on the back for persevering! You did a good distance and ran for 25 minutes - that is something to be proud of. Well done!


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