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Wk 3 Dodgy knee

Typical that just as I feel I am making progress {week three run one went really well on Sunday} my knee starts to grumble. It is not badly damaged but definitely making its presence felt!

So not to be beaten I have just been to the local Gym and signed up. Induction Thursday to give my knee a couple of days to recover.

They have said they will make a program to help my knee with strengthing exercise and running on the treadmill should help to protect it while I get stronger. I can also swim for some low impact exercise in between. I am really looking forward to it, and hopefully will be back running with just a few days blip.

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Be aware that it might be your gait that is causing knee niggles. I have some experience of this. Consider, if you haven't already done it, getting a gait analysis from a running shop. You may need supportive, or more supportive, shoes.


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