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10k stitch

I've been running since the start of the year and am now confidently running 5km during the week and quite often 10km at the weekend. I'd like to increase that distance. There's a 13km route I have in mind, but on the last two times I've attempted it, I've been struck by a stitch just after I've reached 10km. Could well be coincidence, but it's frustrating when, otherwise, I felt capable of doing the whole length.

Any tips on stitches? I seem to remember Laura saying something about drinking enough water. Is that the answer? It may be relevant that I'm running on an empty stomach before breakfast, but I haven't had a stitch on shorter runs.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I don't think 10k on an empty stomach is a good plan. You can't run you car on empty can you? You can get away with a pre run snack for 5k but 10 k is a different prospect. Set yourself up for success

If you do get stitch with all that jiggling of your middle, or indigestion, or hunger (heaven forbid) then you can stop and touch your toes, then with both arms reach for the sky. You can even run with your arms in the air for a bit til it stops. You can also lean over, on the affected side,just gently stretching yourself. A few stops to touch your toes might be needed again but it works for me. It could be that you're going too fast! So also try slowing down a bit if it comes on

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When I get a stitch I usually just slow down and then it disappears.

I tend to run 10km on an empty stomach but above 10km you will need to consider eating something. I recall doing 12km on empty and my blood sugar level was so low. Luckily, I had popped into the supermarket and they were giving out free samples of cake which instantly perked me up or else I am not sure I would have made it home. Porridge is great as its gentle on the stomach I found.

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Cake! I like it.


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