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Aghhhh will try again

I started very well,complete week 1,and began week 2 run 1 my legs, knees ached somewhat but was okay. I felt so embarrassed I went to a running club for beginners which I thought I did well at, I expected to ACH the next day what I did not expected was that I would be unable to put my right foot to the ground though if I wore sandals with a bit of an heel ankle okay and able to walk, and that it would be painful,groin also a bit sore, and that my leg (right one knee and all) would be difficult/play up. So since then about 10days ago I have given both the running club and couch 2 5k a miss until leg feels better, at times even walking has been a no go.

I am nowbiding my time intend to do some walking to keep on the move.

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Hi Glen53!

If at first you don't succeed... etc. I'm on the same journey and fully expect to have hiccups on the way. You will get there in the end!



Ouch! Are you able to do some stretching, swimming and/or steam room/sauna? Have a massage or even a visit to the doctor? Have you tried hot baths with Epsom salts- incredibly old fashioned but I have found this is really helpful for aches and pains ...

Chin up anyway- I think he programme is nine stages rather than calendar weeks, from everything I 've read on here


Thanks Guys, walking over back to week one podcast, yes massage is good/great, have been looking at knee/leg exercises.

many thanks


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