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W1R3 easy ?!

Well good morning happy people!

Thank you all for your lovely supportive posts.

I managed to download the podcast for today's run, as recommended, and it was a revelation- the app just played Laura's words but the podcast has music too! I can't quite believe how well today went, despite some gradient issues and of course the sweaty red faced out of breath version of me- but I felt I could have done more so something is working. What an amazing week; how can it be so much easier after just three sessions?

I don't know- next 'week' will probably be hard but in the meantime I will enjoy some time off-

take care folks and thank you again

:) rainshine x

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Hi I have just started week 1 this week too for the third time.(due to injury) I was surprised at how well I ran compared to the first time I did it.its almost like your brain remembers you can run! Hope it all goes well for you in week 2.

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Well done. Keep it up! The music in the podcast is something else. Just wait until you get to the "Julie" song ;)

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Red face brigade badge and cap earned! Well done.

See you in week 2


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