my run today

I have recently restarted running after a period of ill health knocking me back. Now i am recovered and also have retired i am back running and love love loving it!!!! I started again by just going out and doing what i could while listening to Laura on the last run of week nine. I wasn't worried about distance or time just whether or not i could still run for the 30mins. I had a couple of walking periods but now after three weeks i am back on track and this morning i ran 2.85miles with the walks either side in 36.23 mins, i reduced by average pace from 14.09 to 12.46mins and i feel so good!!!! I know that isn't fast compared to some of you but i am so happy that i am improving and can still run. Happy Monday to everyone!!!!!

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  • Well done! Those improvements really mean a lot don't they?

  • Great news! That sounds wonderful to me. Running is just so goooooooooood. Nothing quite like it is there. A leisurely run, sounds like heaven to me

    Glad you're back! I hope you soon get back to full fitness

  • Brilliant, lovely to hear that you are back on form and enjoying it!

  • Aw fab ! Good to hear you're back out there again :-)

    Happy running to you ! :-) xxx

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